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Testing by the KAZTEST system involves testing in two phases:

1 phase – determining the level of the Kazakh language knowledge (general knowledge).

Test taker is offered testing tasks for defining his level of knowledge of the Kazakh language according to the scale (for example, test taker get 110 points from 150 testing tasks, thus it is defined that he has intermediate level of the Kazakh language knowledge).


Enough points


31-64 points


65-104 points


105-119 points


120-134 points

Advanced 1

135-145 points

Advanced 2

146-150 points

2 phase – determining of level of the Kazakh language knowledge. Test taker is offered test tasks according to (intermediate) level.

Testing to general proficiency and to definitely level based on three parts: listening, lexical-grammatical and reading. In general, the test execution is allocated 2 hours and 30 minutes, including 10 minutes to complete the answer sheet.

Time for making each part:

• Listening – 30 tasks 25 minutes;

• Lexical-grammatical test – 70 tasks 60 minutes;

• Reading – 50 tasks, 55 minutes.

Form of test: choosing the correct answer from the four proposed.

Evaluating the “Writing” part

Assessing the level of the part "Writing" is assessed in accordance with the levels specification test on the part "Writing", also rule of verification the written works on the KAZTEST system.

Elementary level

Writing a creative dictation

Pre-intermediate level

Intermediate level

Writing a summary

Upper-intermediate level

Advanced level

Writing an essay

Informational materials

Информационные материалы

Computer testing of KAZTEST system


Organizations and Partners



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