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A separate sector started its work at the National Testing Center from the moment of definition of the development conception. The main function of the sector is organizational work on preparing items for the KAZTEST system.

In 2008, after the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan had confirmed the Conception of introduction and development of the KAZTEST system, the State Language Development Administratiotem that worked on development of the KAZTEST system and attained the aims and objectives of the conception was created at the National Testing Center.

To realize the main mechanism of development and use of the language, along with formation of items the State Language Development Administration organizes events on making scientific research in the field of improving the quality of items, organization of trial operation, agitation and ensuring availability of data and information on the KAZTEST system as a mechanism having direct influence on the language policy of the country, writes research papers aimed at the system development, participates in interpretation and consideration of this issue in scientific environment, defines factors contributing to improvement of methods of efficient learning of the Kazakh language in the country that correspond to the educational principle aimed at obtaining good results.

The State Language Development Administration consists of two scientific-methodological laboratories and information support department. The scientific-methodological laboratory of formation of items is responsible for preparation of qualitative items for the KAZTEST system, the scientific-methodological laboratory of testing organization works on correspondence of test variants to their objective.

The scientific-methodological laboratory of formation of items makes scientific-methodological research in the field of education quality assessment by studying specific features of means of measurement and evaluation, their types, properties, theoretical and practical application, language knowledge evaluation tasks, their peculiarities and international experience in the field.

Being qualified specialists in the Kazakh language, experts of the scientific-methodological laboratory bettered their qualification to make the abovementioned types of work, so they have risen to the level of universal specialists in the field. Six people work at the laboratory.

Defining target groups according to the levels of proficiency in the Kazakh language, the scientific-methodological laboratory of testing organization improves testing organization technology, studies correspondence of test variants to their target audiences, perfects testing technology by defining statistical features of every item in the test variant and makes investigation on bettering items quality.

Specialists of the scientific-methodological laboratory design premises of introduction of main principles necessary for the KAZTEST system on the basis of studies of the international language knowledge evaluation systems. Six people work at the scientific-methodological laboratory.

Specialists of the information support department provide information support and ensure development of the KAZTEST system. Specialists of the department ensure smooth work of the main information resources and improve computer programs for trial testing. Three experts work at the department. 


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