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Academic competition on Kazakh language has held
Academic competition on Kazakh language has held
State language development board of National testing center of the Ministery of the Republic of Kazakhstan in cooperation with Republican scientifically practice center «Daryn» has held concluding stage of republican distance academic competition «Language is a symbol of state independence» Kazakh language knowledge level assessment among gifted children of 5-10 grades of secondary educational institutions of the republic for whom the Kazakh language is not native.
Preliminary tour of republican distance academic competition has held on online mode by KAZTEST system – Kazakh language knowledge level assessment. All over the republic 120 children made the cut from preliminary tour to the next.
Concluding stage of distance academic competition were arranged by Republican scientifically practice center «Daryn» and held in Republican educational health improving center «Baldauren» at the town Shuchinck. 47 children have taken part in the final tour. National staff of test takers are the following: Russians – 32, Belorussian – 1, Tatars – 4,  German – 3, Ukrainians – 3, Azerbaijanian – 1. Concluding stage has arranged amongst 5-6-7 grades and separately for 8-9-10 grades. Gifted children got through the testing by KAZTEST system on evaluation Kazakh language knowledge level by auding language material, reading, writing and lexical-grammar structure of the Kazakh language.
Winning places identified in each group. Winners of Republican academic competition were awarded by certificates of merit and fiction books in Kazakh language. Teachers and the resource teachers of children, who have taken winner places draw round the table and discussed the methods of teaching Kazakh language for foreign audience.

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