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Типовая программа

Standart program

Standard program is a document created within system of teaching, which defines contents and amount of knowledge, skills obligatory to be attained on a subject (in this case teaching the state language), division into subjects, sections and training periods.

The main feature of the standard program is continuity, which is observed in all five levels of studying language structure from elementary to advanced. On the basis of examples the situations corresponding to each element of language structure are given.

The project of the standard program was developed as a result of joint work of scientists-philologists, methodologists and teachers of the regional centers of teaching the state language.

Independent expertise of the standard program was carried out by authors of standard, educational working programs in other steps of education.

In the future educational working programs for teaching Kazakh language in different spheres will be developed only on the basis of this standard program.

During the meeting on introduction of the standard program of teaching Kazakh language, the project was offered to be coordinated with interested establishments and scientists by modifying and correcting some parts of the project.

The standard program is a normative document based on the state standards, which define requirements to communicative language competences of Kazakh language proficiency.

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