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  • LISTENING. Tasks evaluating the comprehension of listened short and long dialogues and short monologues
  • LEXIS-GRAMMAR. Tasks measuring the knowledge of lexis and grammar
  • READING. Tasks evaluating the comprehension of the read texts of different contents and styles
  • WRITING. Writing a creative dictation, a summary and an essay on the suggested theme depending on the level

KAZTEST consists of four parts: listening, lexical-grammatical part, reading, writing.

The first part is listening. The level of comprehension of the listened text is evaluated on the four levels:

1) fragmentary comprehension;

2) general comprehension;

3) complete comprehension;

4) deep critical comprehension.

The second part is lexical-grammatical part. The level of mastering lexical- grammatical material, language proficiency, use in communication, use in writing is evaluated from functional and communicative point of view. Test tasks of this direction are aimed to assessing the level of linguistic competence, knowledge on structure of the language necessary for fulfilling definite communicative tasks.

The third part is reading. The aim of reading is comprehension of the main and additional information from the text at different levels, ability to read according to pronunciation rules. Definition and estimation of the level of competence in reading are made according to the result of fulfilling the tasks on the following forms of reading:

1) skimming reading;

2) reading with the elements of research;

3) fluent reading;

4) scanning reading.

The fourth part is writing. Works are assessed and verified according to the following criteria:

1) grammatical correctness of work;

2) contents of work;

3) quality of using language means in work;

4) degree of independence in using the language while writing work.

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